A Case for Two

In a criminal case, sometimes all the evidence points to an innocent person. What you need then is a good lawyer, and maybe a good private investigator, too. Voilà: you've got "A Case for Two," Private Investigator Josef Matula and his attorney partner swing into action when their

client is in desperate need of help - which means that they sometimes have to work behind the backs of the cops in their search for the truth. This detective series has been a top ZDF brand for many years now.

Genre: zdfe.drama / Series / Crime & Suspense
Format: 276 x 60’
Producer: Odeon Film
Cast: C. T. Gärtner,
P. Frielinghaus, M. Herrmann, R. Hunold,
G. Strack, C. Grothgar,
R. Kohn

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